Make your social media content last longer with Pinterest

As an inbound marketing agency, we often find ourselves preaching the importance of quality content – from building brand awareness, helping to increase your online visibility with keywords and driving traffic to your website. So, we can see why the loss of organic page reach on Facebook and introduction of ‘mute’ buttons on Twitter is disheartening for businesses sharing their content on social media. 

But amidst all of this, one social media platform is making sure content is still King: Pinterest.

Pinterest is a popular social platform that allows users to share and save content they love on pin boards – its fed by beautiful imagery and thoughtful content, with shopping opportunities disguised as gift inspiration, wedding dress ideas or cake recipes – genius!

With over 175 million active monthly users as of April 2017, Pinterest is going from strength to strength and is busy introducing new features for both businesses and consumers. From simple ‘pin it’ buttons on your website’s product pages to adding Rich Pins to your Shopify Store, businesses stand to benefit from Pinterest’s commitment to innovation. For consumers, the new Lens feature, allowing them to take a picture of anything and let Pinterest inspire them with relevant ideas, is revolutionary.

But with the short half-life of so many social media posts, won’t these pins just get lost within the midst of other content? 

We’ve seen it with Twitter, where according to Wisemetrics each tweet will have earnt 50% of all clicks and views within just 24 minutes. For Facebook, the holy grail of social media channels for B2C businesses, your posts will have around a 90-minute half-life at best. And as for Pinterest? A completely different story – 3.5 months (yes, you read that correctly!) and 1680 times longer than a Facebook post. 

Given this, it’s clear how Pinterest can benefit your ecommerce business – allow your products to be pinned by Pinterest users looking for anything from home decorating ideas, craft activities, new recipes or wedding inspiration and create your business’ own inspirational boards using your products. Your content will last longer, be shared more and best of all, Pinterest doesn’t need constantly updating to reach your target audience – happy pinning!

Want to discover how Pinterest can benefit your business? 

The 360 team will be happy to sit down and have a chat with you about Pinterest and other social media platforms, so email to arrange your no-obligation chat.

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