Website and e-marketing up to speed?

Time for a Digital Spring Clean?

We all know how fast-moving life has become – lots can change with receipt of an email, the posting of a Tweet, or hang on your website’s visibility. So, are your crucial digital marketing tools still delivering?

The digital marketing world is high-pitch, ever-changing and totally unforgiving if you get it wrong. Online branding has to be visible and match the expectations of your target-market prospects, site content honed for search engines with evolving criteria, social media input has to engage and interest – not just fire sales pitches at anyone who’ll ‘follow’.  Howyou do ithas never been more important.

To give your e-marketing a Digital Spring Clean, you’ll need to back-track a little to check that the basics are in place. The best starting place is to reassess your website’s keyword usage by going through its analytics. From this, you can then tweak your copy content and update the site’s hidden meta tags so that it scores higher in search engine rankings. Sometimes it’s worth using an online tool to measure its performance against your competitors in terms of achieving Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and success in attracting relevant site visitors in greater numbers.

Other useful measures to clean-up your digital marketing act should include the gathering of feedback on site user-experience (UX) to get a visitor’s-eye view. Slightly more techie, you can have a technical performance audit of your site, highlighting any on and off-page issues, broken links, content duplication, speed problems etc.

Apart from your website, a key addition to the digital clean-up to-do list is to review  your social media activity – which new platforms to use in addition to your personal favourites, who to target, what to post and when, how best to optimise your profile in order to build your various followings with regular, interesting engagement.

There may also be other forms of digital marketing that you haven’t even considered, perhaps pay-per-click – using Google Adwords or similar to deliver your marketing messages to a wider search audience. Or even look into the various affiliate marketing offerings that will develop a concerted campaign to present your online banner ads on complementary sites visited by browsers profiled for your target-market. 

But how do you gain from all this time-consuming input that’s likely to be beyond your business’s core business and maybe beyond your personal comfort zone? It’s all about making your marketing work smarter in delivering higher-ranked search engine results for your website – letting it perform at its best in generating leads and sales for your business. Plus, allowing social media to improve your targeting and engagement with prospects, giving your organisation a sphere of influence that it’s not had previously and giving you peace of mind that your investment in digital marketing is worthwhile.


360 Brand & Digital is a Norfolk-based marketing consultancy that specialises in inbound marketing methods, covering most forms of digital marketing that make customers receptive to seeking you out, rather than you having to track them down. 

Until the end of May ’17, 360 Brand & Digital is offering a Digital Spring Clean, featuring all of the activities highlighted above – including some remedial input and a written report – for the fixed sum of £680+VAT. (The process will usually be completed within two weeks of booking.) CONTACT US TO BOOK YOUR DIGITAL SPRING CLEAN NOW

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