“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half.”  John Wanamaker, US Postmaster General and marketing pioneer (1838-1922).

Old ways used to have their drawbacks. Thankfully, when it comes to modern, digital marketing, we have a few tricks up our sleeve. True, the world of digital marketing is fast-moving – lots can change with online search criteria, social media best-practice and dynamic competitor activity – but there are scientific ways to ensure that your crucial digital marketing tools are still delivering.

Our Digital Health Check was born out of recognition that how you carry out yourdigital marketing is as important as what you do. The place to start is to identify where you are and analyse the efficiency of your existing activity.

We’ll assess your website’s keyword usage, study its analytics, measure its performance against up to 4 of your competitors and report on the best way to achieve Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – to attract relevant site visitors in greater numbers.

Then we’ll give feedback on site user-experience (UX) and carry out a technical performance audit on your site, highlighting any on and off-page issues, broken links, content duplication, speed problems etc.

Next, we’ll review and advise on your social media activity – which platforms to use, who to target, what to post and when, how to optimise your profile and build your following by relevant, ongoing engagement.

We’ll also advise on any other e-marketing opportunities available to you – possible ways of honing your activity to give you an extra competitive edge. 

Our Digital Health Check is designed to:

·         Diagnose and recommend necessary improvements to your digital marketing
·         Assess how your website could deliver higher-ranked results for searches
·         Suggest how your site could perform better in generating sales leads
·         Focus your targeting and engagement strategy for social media
·         Give you peace of mind that your investment in e-marketing is worthwhile.

 Is it worth £195 +VAT* to know where your website and e-marketing need attention and where your efforts may be being wasted?

 *Digital Health Check: £195 +VAT if you book before the end of May ’17.

 Timescale: Usually completed within 2 weeks of booking.


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Inbound Marketing

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Commercial Focus

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