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90% of us don’t look beyond page 1 of Google search results. Doesn't your site need to be on it? Are your competitors leaving you behind?

You might check how well your business ranks on the coveted ‘page 1’ of search engine results? Perhaps every day? If you’re up there with the prime contenders, well done – you’ve either gone the ‘organic’ route, investing in search engine optimisation (SEO) over a significant period of time, or you’ve bought your way to the top via ‘paid search’, usually with Google AdWords Campaigns. Either way, your site is now highly visible to online searches, bringing traffic, awareness, engagement and indirect or direct sales.

Optimisation to online search is vital to most organisations nowadays. Yet who’d have foreseen such a radical change? Within the course of only 5-10 years, those once-powerful trade and consumer-focused directories – the ‘year books’ for each industry and the invaluable ‘Yellow Pages’ for finding local services – all replaced by incredibly sophisticated global technology hiding behind a ‘search’ button?

But, unlike with having a huge copy of ‘Yellow Pages’ lying around everywhere as a reminder, embarking on an SEO or AdWords campaign might be a case of the best form of marketing that you never get around to? Where do you start? When will you make the time to sort it out? How do you ensure a good return on investment?

Perhaps a useful call-to-action for any organisation needing to get its SEO act together is to see what you’re missing compared to what others are doing? (Knowing ‘best-practice’ is one thing, but fear of losing out to competitors is an even stronger motivator!)

Like to see exactly how you compare against your main competitors when people Google the most common search words and phrases for your industry? You can do it here – and it’s completely free to use. You just have to insert your website domain name, plus those of up to four of your competitors and add the main search words and phrases that your prospective customers are likely to search for online. You’ll then receive a basic report giving you the search scores for each of the sites – who’s ahead of whom in the SEO race. Nice to know whether you’re lagging behind or ahead of the game?

Take this first step towards moving your website up the search-engine rankings. If the results are favourable, there’s the peace of mind that you must be doing the right thing. If not, isn’t it time you gave your prospective customers a decent chance of finding you when they need you the most?


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